Can I Get Rid of Wasps Around My Pool in Nashville?

Pools seem to be a magnet for stinging insects. Have you noticed? The reason they love your pool so much is that it is filled with water. All of that water is not only refreshing to you on a hot summer day, it is refreshing to insects as well. So don’t be surprised when wasps and hornets show up at your pool parties. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can prevent wasps from ruining your poolside fun.

Before wasps notice the water in your pool, they may have been lured onto your property for other reasons. By reducing attractants you may be able to reduce unwanted visits from wasps and hornets around your pool.

  • Open trash is like ringing the dinner bell for wasps and hornets. These insects can find many food sources in most bagged trash. Keep your trash covered and do a routine cleaning of your trash receptacles to reduce the aroma that can draw stinging pests in.
  • Wasps and hornets eat bugs. If you have lots of bugs around your home, you’re going to have more problems with stinging insects and more poolside visits. One of the best ways to reduce bugs around your home is to reduce moisture. Many insects require a lot of moisture in order to survive. You can do this by trimming bushes and shrubs, trimming tree branches to let the sun in, and putting space between the plants in your landscaping. All of these will help the sun and wind dry your topsoil after watering. Also, make sure your gutters are in good working order and are unobstructed. Clogged gutters are notorious for making foundation perimeters damp.
  • Stinging insects eat pet food. If you put food in bowls outside, the smell will draw attention from wasps and hornets. Consider only feeding your pet inside or put their food down only during mealtimes.
  • Visitations from wasps and hornets can be drastically reduced by making sure you don’t have any nests on your property. Do a search for stinging pest activity around ground holes, rooflines, and in trees and bushes.

If stinging insects continue to be a problem for you, keep in mind that All-American Pest Control offers industry-leading pest control solutions for Nashville residents. Now is the perfect time to get started with a residential pest program that includes the management of stinging pests.

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