How to Choose a Pest Control Company In Franklin, TN

Have you finally decided to take the leap and get the pest control you know you need? Are you done with finding cockroaches in your pantry, spiders in your cellar, and mice droppings in the cabinet under your sink? Have you had enough of centipedes crawling on your foot while you’re taking a shower, stink bugs getting into your home every fall, and mosquitoes feasting on you in your own backyard? Great! But now comes the hard part. There aren’t only a lot of pests that get into your home; there are a lot of pest control companies that promise to keep them out and a lot of year-round pest control options available. It can feel overwhelming. Here are some key things to think about as you make this important decision.

How to Choose the Right Company

Check the company out online. Reputable companies, like All-American Pest Control, give their credentials on their “about us” page. This is a good place to see how long a company has been in business, how they solve pest problems, and how much of a priority they put on environmentally-friendly pest control options.

Look to see if the company you’re looking into has been awarded the QualityPro Seal of excellence from the National Pest Management Association, like the service team at All-American has. This is a 3rd-party auditing process that tests a company in important areas such as business operations, environmental stewardship, consumer relations, employee education and more.

Check out their reviews—really check them out. Take a moment to look past the number of stars and see what people are saying on Google and other review resources. Look for examples where things didn’t go quite right and see how the company responded. Pest control is hard. If all you see are glowing reviews, something is wrong. There is a relationship between a pest control company and its customers. Reviews are a great way to see how professional and attentive a company is when problems arise.  

How to Choose the Right Plan

There are basically two kinds of pest control and there is a little crossover. Yard protection is just what it sounds like. It helps to reduce pests in your yard. Home protection can be a mixture. Most home protection happens around the foundation perimeter of your home. When pests get in, or if you need pests removed before you move to year-round service, interior treatments will be necessary. Find a plan that gives you coverage for both exterior and interior issues, like our All-For-One Complete Care.

For residential pest control in Franklin and throughout Middle Tennessee, you can trust the team at All-American Pest Control to give you the service you need. Reach out to us to talk. We’re happy to give answers to your questions.  

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