How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes in Nashville, Tennessee?

Most mosquitoes that bite you are not going to make you sick. They’re just going to leave a red, itchy welt on your skin. But, if the wrong mosquito bites you, you could get very sick. Some diseases that can be carried by mosquitoes can have serious symptoms and even lead to death. If you are looking to protect your family from these diseases, it is important to understand how mosquitoes spread diseases and how you can prevent the spread of these diseases.

Mosquitoes aren’t born with diseases. They acquire them after they hatch. The way they acquire them is from biting animals or humans. If a mosquito hatches in your yard and bites an animal in your yard that is carrying a transmittable disease, it can become infected and transmit the disease to you or someone in your family.

The most dangerous mosquito-borne disease in the United States is West Nile virus. It is the cause of several deaths every year. Mosquitoes get this virus from bird populations. Fortunately, incidents of this disease are low in Nashville. But they are on the rise and all residents should be aware of this threat.

There are several other mosquito-borne diseases that have cases in the United States. They are Dengue fever, yellow fever, Chikungunya, malaria, Zika, and several forms of encephalitis. Some of these are endemic (local to the U.S.) and some occur in outbreaks caused by travel cases.

5 Top Tips for DIY Mosquito Control

  • Reduce stagnant water in your yard. These are used as mosquito breeding sites.
  • Reduce humidity in your landscaping to make it less inviting for mosquitoes to hide in.
  • Use protection when you go out into your yard if you do not have ongoing mosquito reduction service from a licensed provider. Mosquito repellent is the number-one product for preventing bites. If you don’t want to spray chemicals on your skin, consider spraying it on your clothing or choose a natural repellent like oil of lemon eucalyptus.
  • Create screened-in areas for outdoor recreation.
  • Add insect repellent plants to your landscaping. Keep in mind that many of these plants need to be activated by touch in order to release their mosquito deterrent smells. When you touch them, you can also rub the oils on your skin for natural protection.

For a complete residential pest control plan that includes mosquito reduction service at a price that won’t break your budget, contact All-American Pest Control. We service the Greater Nashville area with industry-leading pest control and the highest level of customer service. We can help you protect your family from potentially dangerous mosquitoes.

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