Phorid Flies 101 For Nashville Residents

Are you dealing with a phorid fly infestation inside your Nashville home? Would you know it if you were? There is one easy way to tell. Phorid flies have a unique preference for running away, rather than flying away. If you go after a fly and it takes off running before it takes to the air, you’re probably dealing with phorid flies. If you are, here are a few things you should know.


It is important to know what type of fly you’re dealing with before you attempt to control these pests. Each fly is a little different. It is a good idea to capture one of your flies and take a close look at it. You can use a piece of packing tape wrapped around your hand. Lightly dab the fly and the tape will hold it in place. If you’re able, look to see if the fly has a humped back. The curvature of these flies has led some to call them humpbacked flies. Also, check its size and coloration. Phorid flies are between .5 and 5.5 mm in length. Their bodies are black or dull brown with some yellow mixed in.


Phorid flies feed on rotting organic material. This makes them a threat for the spreading of harmful bacteria and disease. A phorid fly infestation is often evidence of something rotting. It could be a dead animal in your walls. It could be an overfilled litter box. It could be an apple your toddler left behind the sofa. Whatever has allowed these flies to reproduce in your home, it is important to have them quickly addressed for health reasons.

Breeding Sites

Phorid flies breed in drains and plumbing where organic material is available to feed their larvae. This makes some homeowners mistake drain flies for phorid flies, though they shouldn’t. Drain flies have a distinctly moth-like appearance. If phorid flies are breeding deep inside your pipes, it could make it impossible to address this pest problem without hiring a plumber, which can be costly. That is why it is best to keep phorid flies from getting into your home.

Phorid Fly Control

Preventing phorid fly infestations begins on the outside of your home. Reduce moisture and organic debris that draws these flies near to your home and do everything you can to seal your exterior walls. Both of these things can be difficult to do but, with Perimeter Pest Control or Green Choice pest control from All-American, you can get the support you need to get the best results possible. Our licensed and experienced service professionals can give you a heads-up when your home is vulnerable and give you appropriate treatments throughout the year to keep phorid flies and other pests out of your Nashville home. Get started by requesting a free home evaluation.

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