What to do When You Discover Termites in Thompson's Station

Have you discovered termite damage? How did it happen? Were you ripping out a wall in your home to expand a room? Were you digging up the soil around your fence posts to straighten your fence line? Were you noticing a weak spot in the floor of your kitchen and found the damage when you pulled up some floorboards? There are many ways to discover termite damage. But what do you do now? Here are a few suggestions.

1. Stay Calm

When dealing with a significant threat like this, it is important to let cooler heads prevail. Termite damage doesn’t happen overnight. It can take many months for subterranean termites to do significant damage to your home. It won’t help to panic.

2. Get Professional Advice

You may be tempted to ask a friend or go to a relative for help, but the wiser choice is to seek the aid of a certified and trusted termite control professional. Not only are termites difficult to control, but they are also extraordinarily difficult to detect. If your DIY termite treatments fail, you may not know it, and termites will continue eating away at your home, undetected.

3. Consider Your Options Carefully

There are many companies that promise to take care of subterranean termites and fall short with providing what they promise. How can you know which company to trust? You have a serious problem on your hands. You’re already looking at paying a contractor to fix the damage. The last thing you need is to pay out a bunch of money for termite control and not see results. Or worse, fail to realize you didn’t get the protection you paid for and continue to have subterranean termites damaging your home. Fortunately, there is one easy way to tell if a pest control company can deliver on its promise. The National Pest Management Association, a non-profit organization of more than 5,500 members from around the world, makes choosing a trusted pest control company easy. They provide testing and auditing for pest control companies and award the QualityPro Seal to companies that show excellence in business operations, environmental stewardship, consumer relations, employee education, and other key areas. Only 3% of pest control companies in the U.S. have earned this qualification. All-American Pest Control is one of them.

If you live in Thompson’s Station, let the service team at All-American walk you through the process of recovering from a termite infestation. And if you haven’t found termite damage yet, we can help make sure you never do. Contact us by calling, texting, or emailing us. Our contact info can be found at the top of this page.

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