Asian Lady Beetles 101

You may think, based on the title of this article, that this is a college-level introductory course about the insect known as the Asian lady beetle. But have no fear. We’re not going to fill your head with information that only an aspiring entomologist would want to know. Our goal here is to introduce you to how these insects can be a pest problem in Franklin and throughout our Middle Tennessee service area, and then tell how you can stop them.


Are you seeing Asian lady beetles on your Franklin home, or worse, inside your Franklin home? It isn’t surprising, these insects have become quite a nuisance in our area and around our state.

Often called ladybugs (though they aren’t), Asian lady beetles come in many colors, varying from red to orange. If you’re seeing insects that are roughly 7mm in length with six legs, two tiny antennae and a seam running right down the center of their dome-shaped, circular bodies, it is likely you’re seeing Asian lady beetles. You’re also likely to see black dots, but keep in mind that some Asian lady beetles don’t have black dots.

One of the best ways to tell a ladybug from an Asian lady beetle is the “M” shape on the back of its head. A ladybug has a solid black patch on the back of its head with white patches on the sides.

Asian Lady Beetle Problems

These insects are mostly beneficial. They are so beneficial, they were introduced into the Southern States in the 1970s to help control aphids on pecan trees. Unfortunately, they were not content to stay in the Southern states. They have spread up through Tennessee and as far North as Southern Canada.

During the warm months, Asian lady beetles can be found in crop fields. But, when temperatures cool, they swarm together by the hundreds and sometimes thousands and congregate on the exterior walls of man-made structures. This makes Asian lady beetles a serious problem in the fall for Franklin homes and businesses.

  • Asian lady beetles are mostly a nuisance but it is important to consider a couple of ways they can be a threat:
  • Asian lady beetles have mouthparts for eating insects which can be used to bite humans. Some describe these bites as a pinch or a pinprick. Fortunately, they are not known to spread diseases and they do not possess venom.
  • The excrement from Asian lady beetles can stain clothing, drapes and other fabrics. This is usually washable but it can cause permanent damage to some belongings.

In preparation of these fall pests, we recommend an external treatment to repel and eliminate them. We provide this treatment as part of our Perimeter Pest Control program. If you have questions or you would like to schedule service, reach out to us today. Our team of expertly-trained service professionals is standing by to assist you.

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