How Do I Get Rid Of Wasps In Mt. Juliet?

When it comes to beneficial insects, wasps are near the top of the list. They help with the pollination of flowers and flowering plants, which contributes to the production of food on our planet, and they are instrumental in the control of bugs. Wasps eat a ton of bugs. But as you can probably guess, it isn’t good to have too many wasps visiting your property. It is even worse when wasps decide to create a nest on your property. If you’re wondering about how to get rid of wasps in Mt. Juliet, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break it down into three parts: How to get rid of wasps, how to prevent wasp nests, and how professional wasp control can help.


Before we talk about control, it is important to know which insects we are referring to because most wasps aren’t called wasps. The only wasp that bears the name ‘wasp’ is the paper wasp. But keep in mind that yellow jackets, mud daubers, and bald-faced hornets are all wasps.

How to Get Rid of Wasps

  • In spring, it is possible to address small nests by examining to make sure there are no wasps present and then swiping the nest down with a broom. Once nests are complete, or when multiple wasps can be seen on a nest, it is best to give us a call and have one of our licensed service professionals take care of the problem.
  • If you have lots of wasps on your property but no nest, it might be due to a plant that is attractive to wasps. Check your landscaping and consider removing spearmint, sweet fennel, and/or yarrow.
  • When wasps visit a lot, some homeowners have success with sugar and water traps. You can make your own or purchase one. Keep in mind that this could attract wasps to your property.

How to Prevent Wasps

Each species of wasp is different. Therefore, all of these tips do not apply to all wasps. It is important to keep this in mind.

  • Many wasps eat meat. Be sure to keep your trash in sealed bags and sealed receptacles to keep the smells in and the wasps out.
  • Wasps are attracted to light. If you keep lights off at night you may prevent the attraction of wasps.
  • Wasps need to drink. They can get a drink from puddles and containers that capture rainwater.
  • Remove containers and alter conditions that allow the capture of rainwater.
  • If you plant wormwood (also called artemisia) in your landscaping, you can repel some wasps. You may also have some success by planting citronella or eucalyptus.

Take a look at this link for more reasons why wasps are lingering around your home. It also gives some useful information about how wasps overwinter in Mt. Juliet homes.

Professional Wasp Control

The best solution for wasp control is to invest in residential pest control. This is because routine visits from a service professional will alert you to conditions that are conducive for wasp habitation, help with early nest detection, provide control of the bugs that wasps feed on, and give you a barrier that repels a wide range of insects, including wasps. If you need assistance with this, reach out to us. We offer industry-leading residential pest control in Mt. Juliet and throughout Middle Tennessee. We can help.

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