Why Year-Round Pest Control Is A Smart Choice For Your Nashville Home

We have lots of critters that like to get into our homes, and those Nashville pests are persistent. When they get inside, they can cause problems at any time of the year. Let’s take a look at a few of the problems they create and why year-round pest control is the best way to address those problems.

Spring and Summer Pest Problems

Ants — The biggest pest problem we deal with in spring and summer is ants. There are many kinds of ants that get into Nashville homes. Some of them are just a nuisance. Some spread harmful bacteria. And there are some that can be destructive to the wood inside homes.

Stinging Insects — Wasps make their egg-shaped nests on the sides of our homes and underneath the roof lines of our homes, garages, sheds and barns. All year long, those nests grow. Yellow jackets make nests in ground holes and surprise us while we’re mowing our lawns. Some stinging insects don’t prefer to sting us but will bore holes inside the wood of our decks or dig holes in our yards.

Creepy Crawlies — There are many pests that crawl around on the ground or under the ground. When they get inside, they scare us by showing up out of nowhere, like having a large centipede crawl over your foot while you’re taking a shower.

Fall and Winter Pests

Spiders — When insects get into our Nashville homes to hide from the cold, spiders follow them inside. This leads to more annoying webs in the corners of our common areas, but it can also lead to bites. Some spiders, like the brown recluse spider, can cause a bite that has the potential to be serious

Rodents — When a mouse or rat goes by a tiny gap with heat leaking out, it takes notice on a cold fall or winter day. So it isn’t surprising that we see more mouse and rat infestations occurring during the winter months in Nashville.

Overwintering Pests — Asian lady beetles, stink bugs, box elder bugs and a long list of other insects get into our homes when it gets chilly outside. Most of them are just a nuisance but a select few can do damage to our belongings.


  • A year-round pest control program puts a barrier of protection around your home that repels and eliminates pests.
  • Year-round pest control is primarily exterior service. It addresses pests before they get into your home.
  • Year-round pest control is proactive. You don’t have to wait till pests have damaged your property, made you sick or made you miserable, before you do something about them.
  • If pests ever get in—and Nashville pests sometimes find a way no matter what you do—you have fast access to a service professional who knows what pest protection you have in place and what minor adjustments are needed to quickly get control of your pest problem.
  • Having a service professional apply year-round pest control can save you a lot of time, money and energy. There are too many ways DIY pest treatments can fail to achieve the desired results. If you choose the right pest control company, you’ll get guaranteed results.

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