All You Ever Wanted To Know About The Brown Recluse Spiders In Hendersonville

When it comes to pests that we should be familiar with, brown recluse spiders are high on the list. These spiders can cause a bite wound with necrotic properties. Let’s take a look at what you should know about bites from brown recluse spiders and some other important facts that can help you protect yourself and everyone living in your home.

How dangerous is brown recluse venom?

The only reported deaths from brown recluse spider bites are with children under the age of 7. Why? There are two important reasons why this is the case. Brown recluse bites can be painless and kids get a lot of bites from a lot of different critters. Make sure you children know what a brown recluse spider bite looks like so they can let you know that they’ve been bitten. Also, make sure your kids are aware of some simple prevention tips:

  • Be cautious near wood or brush piles. These are common hiding places for brown recluse spiders.
  • Let them know that brown recluses like attics, basements and undisturbed rooms that have stored items.
  • Train your kids to shake their clothing and shoes before wearing them.

What does a brown recluse bite look like?

You’ve probably seen gross pictures of brown recluse bites. But those are the exceptions, not the rule. A brown recluse bite starts as a red rash with an ulcer at the center. Often, the rash will start to look like a bull’s eye because of the light coloration in the center around the bite wound. Over time, the necrotic area (the ulcerous lesion) will begin to move downward due to gravity.

How often do brown recluse spiders bite people?

These spiders are reclusive and they don’t prefer to bite people. Bites occur when a spider is trapped or startled. If you take steps to avoid areas where these spiders like to dwell and make sure to do routine checks to make sure they’re not hiding in something you’re about to wear or lay down on, you aren’t in too much danger.

Why do brown recluse spiders get into homes?

There are many things that attract brown recluse to your home. The most important thing to be aware of is the role moisture plays. Dampness around your home lures moisture pests in. Most moisture pests are ground-dwelling bugs, and these bugs are food for brown recluse spiders. If you work hard to reduce moisture around your Hendersonville home, you can reduce the threat of brown recluse spiders.

Is it a big deal when brown recluse spiders get in?

Yes. But probably not for the reason you might think. You may think that it is because brown recluse bites are dangerous. But, while it is certainly true that they can be, the fact that they are reclusive and don’t prefer to bite us makes this a secondary consideration. The reason why brown recluse spiders are a big deal is because they can reproduce like crazy inside your home. Some brown recluse infestations in the country have reported having thousands of spiders! This is because brown recluse spiders easily adapt to the living conditions inside residential structures and they can complete their entire life cycle indoors.

What do brown recluse look like?

It is fairly easy to identify a brown recluse spider. They are tannish brown, visibly hairless, and they have a dark brown violin mark on their back, just below the head. Full-grown, a brown recluse will be a little larger than a quarter.

Professional Brown Recluse Spider Control

For advice or assistance in safely removing these or other pests, contact All-American Pest Control today. We can usually provide an estimate right over the phone and guide you toward finding the right direction to take for protecting yourself and your family from these, and other potentially dangerous pests. We’re standing by to help.

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