Keeping Rodents Out Of Middle Tennessee's Commercial Facilities

Mice and rats present a challenge for commercial facilities in Middle Tennessee. Their ability to chew through building materials, squeeze through tight spaces, and scale walls makes them difficult to keep out. When they get in, they contaminate food with their hair, feces, and urine. They chew holes in stored goods. They introduce parasites, such as ticks and fleas. Worst of all, they chew on wiring and create a fire hazard. These are just some of the many ways rodents can be dangerous in Middle Tennessee commercial facilities. Let’s talk about a few of the ways you can get control of those rodents and prevent mice and rat infestations.

Rodent Prevention

Before rodents get into your business, they explore the outside. If you understand what they’re looking for and what requirements they need to feel comfortable searching every square inch, you can reduce rodent activity and lower your chances of an infestation.

Food — Mice and rats are always looking for food. The list of foods they’ll eat is quite long. Some food sources, such as vegetables and fruits, are obvious choices. Some are not so obvious. Mice are strongly attracted to seeds. They’ll feed on birdseed that falls to the ground, as well as grass seeds that have been laid down to fill in areas of your lawn. Rats will feed on nuts that fall from trees. Both will eat insects and invertebrates. It is impossible to hide all the food. But you can reduce food options by:

  • controlling moisture to reduce insects
  • installing fencing around food sources
  • keeping trash in sealed receptacles
  • moving birdfeeders to at least 20 ft. from your exterior

Moisture — Standing water provides a drink for mice and rats. Water also creates the conditions necessary for wood rot, which is attractive to rodents. You can reduce moisture by:

  • making sure gutters are clear and in working order
  • trimming tree branches to allow sunlight to dry the ground
  • trimming bushes to allow good airflow to dry the topsoil in your landscaping

Cover — Mice and rats are skittish. When they explore the exterior of your facility, they’re going to move from one place of cover to another. They’ll hide in man-made objects, vegetation, and the voids under structures. You can reduce rodent activity by:

  • removing unnecessary objects, especially objects that are close to the structure
  • keeping the lawn and landscape vegetation neatly-trimmed
  • installing fencing to protect voids from being used for hiding or habitation


When rodents explore your exterior, it is important that they don’t find a way to get in. Here are some tips for keeping them out.

  • seal cracks, gaps, and holes in your foundation and exterior
  • make sure all doors have working door sweeps and weatherstripping
  • repair or replace damaged screens
  • trim tree branches, so they don’t touch your roofline and offer a path for rodents
  • put wire mesh in your downspouts to stop rodents from climbing up to your roof

Rodent Control

If you continue to have problems with rodents, reach out to us. At All-American Pest Control, we understand the challenge your up against. No matter what business you’re in, we can help you protect your brand, and your bottom line, from the threat of mice and rats. All-American 5-Star Business Care includes inspections for rodent activity, monitoring of rodents, and ongoing removal of rodents around your exterior. It also helps you get control of many other pests that can threaten your business. Let us develop a plan for your commercial facility that meets your specific pest control needs and budget, and grow your plan as your business grows. Get started by requesting a free consultation. 

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