Seven Things You Probably Didn't Know About Ant & Termite Swarms Around Brentwood

It’s that time of year again, trees are regaining their color, the weather is warming up, and termites and ants are taking to the skies. Yes, you heard us right, termites and ants are growing wings and buzzing their way around our beautiful state. Why are they doing this? What purpose do their wings serve? Today, we will help answer all of your questions with seven interesting facts about termite and ant swarms in Brentwood.

Fact Number One:

Only certain ants and termites can fly

Not all ants and termites are able to fly. In fact, it is only certain reproductives (kings and queens) from colonies that are born with wings. They are designed to fly so that they can emerge from the colony to find a mate and establish a new colony.

Fact Number Two:

Swarmers are colonizers

When swarmers are produced inside a colony, they are given one job, to go and find a new location to build a nest. This task is often referred to as colonization.

Fact Number Three:

Swarming season can change depending on the year

There is no defined date for when swarming season starts or stops. Swarmers emerge at different times depending on the weather, moisture, and temperature. When it is warm, ants and termites swarm. When it gets cold, they slow down and typically focus more on sustaining the population within their colonies.

Fact Number Four:

Seeing swarmers outside your home likely means you have a problem

Spotting termite or ant swarmers outside your home can indicate a couple of things. For one, it indicates that there is a fully mature colony nearby. It also means that your home is under inspection as a potential place to live. If this is the case, your home could soon fall victim to a termite or ant infestation.

Fact Number Five:

Seeing swarmers inside is a clear sign of a big problem

Unless you leave unscreened windows and doors open on a regular basis, seeing flying ants or termites indoors is a very bad sign. Think to yourself, how were these creatures able to get inside in large numbers? Through the holes they have created in your walls, of course. If you are seeing swarmers in your home, there is a good chance they are already destroying your home.

Fact Number Six:

Swarmers shed their wings

Although gifted with the ability to fly, swarmers do not keep their wings for very long. The second they think they have found a place to build a nest, they ditch their flight enabling appendages and return to crawling. These discarded wings are a common indicator that swarmers are active inside of your home.

Fact Number Seven:

Without professional pest control, your home could be at risk

As the swarming season comes into full swing here in Brentwood, more and more homes are going at risk of termite or ant infestations. If you are looking for a way to make sure your home doesn’t turn into a termite snack or an ant’s construction project, our experts at All-American Pest Control can help.

Our ant and termite control plans are designed to not only eliminate current wood-destroying pests on your property but also to prevent future threats from chewing their way through your home. With over 60 years in the pest control industry and a team of dedicated professionals ready to meet your pest needs, you know you have made the right choice when you choose us. If you are ready to find your home’s solution to wood-destroying pests, give All-American a call today.

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