Secret To Keeping Dangerous Pests Out Of Your Brentwood Yard

There are all kinds of critters that live in your Brentwood yard. Many of them are beneficial. You wouldn’t have a beautiful lawn without all of the slithery worms that aerate the soil. You wouldn’t have sweet-smelling flowers if you didn’t have visits from bees, wasps, and hornets. Your lawn and landscaping is alive with organisms that are beneficial, and apart from occasionally getting the crazy notion that it is a good idea to get into your home, these critters aren’t much of a problem. But we have some critters in Brentwood that present a threat to us, such as ticks, fleas, and fire ants. These dangerous pests have no business being in your yard, and they definitely don’t belong in your home. Here’s the secret to keeping them out of your yard.

Ticks and Fleas

While there are many differences between these two pests, they have one thing in common: They both select a host animal. This is important to understand because the secret to keeping ticks and fleas out of your yard is connected to keeping wildlife out of your yard.

Here are a few examples of wildlife control:

  • Install fencing to keep animals from using voids underneath structures on your property as harborage.

  • Remove lawn clutter that animals may hide in or under.

  • Install fencing around potential food sources such as gardens, berry bushes, and fruit trees.

  • Install fencing around outside recreational areas your dog plays in.

  • Keep your trash in sealed receptacles and secure them so they can’t be knocked over.

  • Keep trash receptacles clean to remove smells that attract wildlife.

  • Put bird feeders at least 20 feet from your home. Birds can bring ticks into your yard, and wildlife feed on bird seed that falls to the ground. Some are ambitious enough to attempt to climb up and feed on bird seed right out of the container.

Ticks and fleas can also be reduced by addressing moisture issues. These pests need moisture to survive and develop.

Here are a few examples of moisture control:

  • Clean your gutters.

  • Repair gutters, splash blocks, and downspouts.

  • Trim tree canopy to allow sunlight into shaded areas that stay damp.

  • Create space between the plants in your landscaping to allow for better airflow.

Fire Ants

There are few things that can prevent the spread of fire ants. They can create nests in the center of your lawn in the hot sun. You don’t want fire ants on your property at all. The bites of these ants are extremely painful and dangerous. Luckily treatments for fire ants are fairly simple and very effective. You do have some control over whether or not fire ants can get into your home. It’s rare- but when fire ant mounds are established near your foundation, fire ants can get inside.

Here are a few ways you can seal entry points:

  • Seal cracks in your foundation walls, particularly around basement windows and doors.

  • Fill in any holes that have been created by wood-destroying pests.

  • Check the seal around your door and window frames. If you see any gaps, use a caulking gun to seal them.

  • Check around pipes that enter your foundation wall. Seal any gaps you find.

  • Install or repair door sweeps.

  • Repair damaged weatherstripping.

Don’t Go It Alone

The best way to reduce and control pests in your yard and prevent them from getting into your home is to invest in a residential pest control plan that addresses yard pests. At All-American Pest Control, we help Brentwood homeowners by applying routine granular applications and mist treatments. We pay close attention to shaded areas where ticks and fleas tend to hide, and we apply extra localized application to trouble areas such as around fire ant mounds or standing water. You don’t have to let dangerous pests live in your yard. Connect with us today. Our service team members are standing by to help you with all your pest control needs.

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