The Trick To Keeping Carpenter Bees & Wasps Away From Your Hendersonville Property

In our Hendersonville service area, there are a few stinging insects we commonly see on the properties we treat: yellow jackets, paper wasps, mud daubers, and carpenter bees. Yellow jackets and paper wasps are social insects that can swarm in defense of their nests. Mud daubers are solitary wasps that aren’t as dangerous as social wasps, but they can still ruin your day if you accidentally sit on one or lay your hand on one. Carpenter bees present a low threat in terms of stinging you, but they can damage your property which makes them unwelcome guests. As we move into the peak of the season for stinging insects, it is important that you be aware of some of the ways you can keep these pests away from your home and, more importantly, deter them from creating nests on your property.

Remove Standing Water

Water is one of the building blocks of life. If you have puddles or containers that have captured rainwater, stinging insects will take notice. Remove containers from your yard. Make sure your gutters are clear of obstructions. Fix any plumbing or spigot leaks, and apply similar maintenance to address other moisture problems.


Carpenter bees bore into wood to establish their nests. If you have a deck, patio, fence, or some other exterior wooden structure that is unpainted, consider putting a coat of paint on it to keep carpenter bees out. Stain is not effective against carpenter bees. Paint works because it prevents carpenter bees from recognizing the wood when they cling to the surface.

Seal Entry Points

Yellow jackets are prone to creating nests in voids. When they come into your yard, they’ll be looking for ground holes and other voids to create nests. If you give them one, they may decide to set down roots. You can deter them by filling in ground holes and by sealing entry points that might allow them to get into the voids within your shed, garage, or home. Sealing entry points will also help to deter carpenter bees from getting into the voids of structures and finding wood to bore into.


When mud daubers come into your yard looking for a spot to establish a nest, they’ll look for sheltered locations. If you find a spot where mud daubers are starting to create nests, or you have a vulnerable area, such as underneath your deck, you can try applying a botanical product that has citronella or eucalyptus oil to make the mud daubers go away.


Wasps eat sweets and meats. When they’re not getting nectar from flowers, they’re hunting for sources of protein. If you have a lot of bugs in your yard, you’ll give wasps more reason to come into your yard and establish a nest. Reduce bugs to reduce wasps.

Keep Your Trash Protected

Wasps can find sweets and meats inside open trash. Make sure that your trash receptacles have covers. This is particularly helpful for keeping yellow jackets away.


Wasps are drawn to lights. Remove this attractant by keeping the lights off at night, where it is not a security concern. You may also consider drawing the curtains to keep the interior light from leaking out. This helps to reduce many insects, not just wasps.

The Best Protection

It pays to have routine inspections and routine treatments from a licensed service professional. At All-American Pest Control, we help homeowners reduce bugs on their properties, which reduces the food source wasps are looking for. We find nests early and remove them. And we provide ongoing, essential services to repel and eliminate a wide range of pests. Learn more by reaching out to us today. Now is the right time to get your residential pest control plan in place. We can help you find the best fit for your budget and your specific needs.

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