Nashville's Complete Fall Pest Prevention Guide

When the weather cools, many of our Nashville pests get inside. It’s not their fault. They’re just doing what comes naturally. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them. Let’s take a look at a few of the pests that commonly get in during the fall and discuss some ways you can keep them out.

Stink Bugs

These shield-shaped, mottled grayish-brown insects leave the crop fields in the fall and start getting into man-made structures. If they get into your Nashville home, they can be frustrating to deal with. They are most known for the unpleasant smell they create when disturbed or crushed.

Box Elder Bugs

These oval-shaped bugs with their fiery orange and jet black coloration are definitely noticeable when they start crawling around on your home, especially when they gather by the hundreds or thousands. While they have the ability to bite, they’re not known to do so. When they get inside, they may stain curtains, bedding, furniture, and fabrics.

Asian Lady Beetles

These insects are often called Halloween beetles due to their coloration and the time of year when they start to become a real problem. They climb all over screens, crunch underneath your feet when you walk to the door, and gather into piles in the corners of your door and window frames. These insects can sometimes bite. They also cause stains.

Prevention Tips

There are many differences between stink bugs, box elder bugs, and Asian lady beetles, but all of these pests are managed in the same ways.

  • Do a detailed inspection of your exterior. Seal any gaps, cracks, or holes you find. A caulking gun can help you get this task accomplished.

  • Inspect your exterior walls from inside your home. Examine around the outside of electrical outlets, switches, ceiling fans, light fixtures, window frames, door frames, and skylights. Seal any gaps you find.

  • Make sure your screens, door sweeps, and weatherstripping are all working the way they should. If not, repair or replace them.

  • Have your roofline and seals around roof penetrations inspected and repaired.

  • If you have a chimney, consider having it capped.

  • Reduce exterior lighting where it is not a security concern. Lights attract these insects.

  • Replace exterior white bulbs with sodium vapor lights or yellow bulbs. This will reduce the attraction.

Mice and Rats

When temperatures drop, rodents start getting into Nashville homes more frequently. When they do, they don’t usually stay permanently. They go in and out. This is not good. Rodents can cause damage to your home and your belongings. They spread harmful microorganisms and diseases. They drop ticks, fleas, and other parasites as they travel around. And, a rodent infestation will increase your chances of a house fire. Rodents chew on wires and gas lines.

Prevention Tips

  • Most of the tips given above will help with rodent exclusion, but keep in mind that a rodent can chew a hole where there is no hole, or make a small hole much larger.

  • Remove objects away from your exterior walls and reduce vegetation in your landscaping to make it difficult for rodents to find hiding places near your home.

  • Put wire mesh in your downspouts to prevent mice or rats from getting up to your vulnerable roofline.

  • Trim tree branches away from your roofline to prevent rodents from jumping onto your roof.

  • If you have bird feeders, consider moving them to at least 20 feet from your exterior. Seed is an attractive food source.

  • Address any conditions that create standing water.

Rodent And Pest Control

Remember that All-American Pest Control is here to assist you with all of your pest control needs. We provide coverage for over 47 of Tennessee’s most common household pests, including mice and rats. We’ll make sure your exterior gets the protection it needs. Reach out to us today. We look forward to helping keep those fall pests out.

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