Nashville Homeowner's Guide To Silverfish & Firebrats

There are many pests that can get into your Nashville home. Most of them are just an unwelcome sight. While silverfish and firebrats are definitely an unwelcome sight, they can also damage your stuff. Here are a few things every Nashville resident should know about these tiny, shiny insects.

Is There A Difference Between Silverfish And Firebrats?

Yes. There are many differences. But, they are negligible in terms of how these two insects present a problem inside Nashville homes. If you see either, you can expect the same issues.

What Do Silverfish And Firebrats Look Like?

There are ten species of silverfish and one species of firebrats in North America. All of them have a teardrop shape, two antennae, and appendages on the tips of their abdomens that look like antennae. These rear appendages have led both silverfish and firebrats to be called bristletails.

How Bristletails Can Be A Problem

Silverfish and firebrats are, first and foremost, gross little bugs. But it is important to understand the ways they can be a threat.

  • Bristletails can get into your pantry foods and contaminate them. Fortunately, they are not known to spread diseases. The contamination they cause is simply the fact that you have insects (or their eggs) in your foods.

  • Bristletails feed on paper products. They can damage a book and leave you wondering how it ends, and they can remove words from important documents.

  • Bristletails can damage clothing. They have a preference for wool, cotton, silk, and rayon.

  • Bristletails can damage carpets, tapestries, wallpaper, paintings, and many other items.

Where Silverfish And Firebrats Live

These insects prefer to be inside, but you can find them outside. They will live in locations that provide a food source. A primary food source for silverfish is dead insects. They can find this food source in large quantities underneath leaf litter.

Silverfish and firebrats have a preference for areas that have moisture. But keep in mind that they don’t have a very high moisture requirement. This can make it difficult to determine where they are active.

How To Keep Silverfish And Firebrats Out

There are three primary things you can do to prevent a silverfish or firebrat infestation.

Remove Attractants — Yard work can have a big impact on bristletails and other pests. Blow and rake leaves out and away from your home, trim the vegetation in your landscaping, and remove unnecessary vegetation. These help to remove food sources and reduce moist habitats.

Seal Entry Points — Inspect your exterior and seal any gaps or cracks you find. Pay close attention to your doors and windows. Replace weatherstripping, door sweeps, screens, and other protective products.

Reduce Moisture  — While silverfish and firebrats can tolerate low moisture, they don’t prefer it. Reduce moisture around your home and inside to resist both of these pests. On the outside, clear your gutters and make repairs to your gutter system. On the inside, fix leaks and install dehumidifiers in areas where they are needed.

The Best Way To Keep Silverfish And Firebrats Out

At All-American Pest Control, we help Nashville property owners keep these destructive pests outside by providing effective perimeter control. If you’d like help keeping bristletails and other pests out of your home, ask us about our Perimeter PLUS pest control. This service plan gives your home year-round protection from over 47 common Tennessee pests, including silverfish and firebrats. We do this by applying appropriate treatments and pest maintenance around your home periodically throughout the year to eliminate pests and pest habitats. Connect with us today to learn more or to schedule service.

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