Four Simple Steps To Keep Ants Away From Your Brentwood Home

There is no easy fix for ant problems. Each ant species is slightly different. But there are some general prevention methods that can have a general impact on all ants. If you want to keep ants away, and keep them out, these four simple steps can help.

Step 1: Address Moisture

All creatures need water. Ants are no exception. If ants come into your Brentwood yard, they’re going to be happy to find moisture. Now, you might think, “How on earth do I prevent my yard from being moist?” On a rainy day, you can’t. It’s going to be damp no matter what you do. The secret isn’t to prevent ants from getting a drink on a day when everything is wet, but rather to remove moisture options for ants on the long day when it is dry.

  • Make sure your gutters are doing their job. A clogged or broken gutter can allow rainwater to run down your roof and soak your perimeter. This leads to damp conditions that are ideal for many ant species.

  • Dense vegetation can trap moisture. Thin your landscaping to allow the wind to move through and dry your plants and topsoil after it rains, and after watering.

  • Damaged spigots, hoses, sprinklers, and other plumbing issues can lead to excessive dampness around your home. These should be repaired or addressed as soon as possible.

Step 2: Address Exterior Food Sources

There are many things ants consider to be food. Some might surprise you. Here are a few popular foods ants want to find around your home.

Honeydew. This is a highly sought-after food source for several ant species. It is a sweet substance produced by aphids and other plant-damaging insects.

Organic matter in trash. An open trash is an open invitation for ants and other pests.

Seeds. If you have bird feeders, the seeds that fall to the ground can attract ants. Ants will also climb up and feed on the sweet liquid in hummingbird feeders.

Nuts. If you have trees that drop nuts, we don’t recommend collecting those nuts in a bag and placing them near your home. You could get a startling surprise.

Pet food. If you feed pets or livestock outside, some ants will be drawn to these foods as they are a high source of protein.

Step 3: Seal Entry Points

If ants come near to your home and start exploring your walls, it is best to not offer them easy access. While it is impossible to prevent tiny ants from getting into your home, you can deter them by sealing obvious points of entry, such as:

  • Gaps under, and around, exterior doors.

  • Gaps around pipes and other foundation penetrations.

  • Foundation cracks.

  • Cracks in mortar around bricks.

  • Damaged screens and gaps around screens.

Step 4: Ant Control

If you’re looking for a simple way to get control of ants in Brentwood, there is no better way than to invest in Perimeter Plus Pest Control. This pest service comes with routine pest maintenance and treatments around your home that work to get control of ants and other common Bentwood pests. Our licensed service professionals use EPA-approved products that repel and knock down ants before they get into Brentwood homes, and we only apply targeted ant colony control products to address ant populations as needed.

We’re Here To Help

Contact All-American Pest Control today and ask us about Perimeter Plus. This service can give your property essential pest protection all year long, and give you the best chance of keeping pests out of your home, out of your yard, and out of your life.

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