Don't Let The Brown Recluse Spiders In Franklin Worry You

Dangerous spiders exist, but this does not mean you have to be afraid. Most local arachnids do not want to live inside your home in the first place, and the ones that invade homes are preventable. Today we are going to talk about the brown recluse spider and offer some options for pest control in Franklin to ease your mind about these harmful pests. Call All-American Pest Control if you have spotted a dangerous pest inside your home and need them out fast. We are experts at spider control and can help you remove these potentially harmful arachnids from your living areas. 

How To Spot A Brown Recluse Spider Problem In Your Home

The brown recluse spider does not go around homes knocking over boxes, defecating, or doing anything else to indicate its presence. The best way to identify these pests is by directly seeing them. If you don’t know, the brown recluse is 1/4 to 1/2 inches long, light to dark brown, and has a dark brown violin-shaped mark behind its head. It also has six eyes compared to the usual eight, but we do not recommend getting close enough to check for this feature. If you even suspect you saw a brown recluse spider inside or around your home, it is best to call our team for a thorough pest inspection. We will inspect your living areas and find out if these dangerous spiders have taken residence inside your home.

The Problem With Brown Recluse Spiders On Your Property

Brown recluses, like other common spiders, are beneficial in catching other invasive pests and culling their populations. This would all be fantastic if they didn’t also pose a serious risk to human health. These common spiders have powerful, necrotic venom. A single bite can bring on intense pain, swelling, fever, chills, body aches, and an ulcer at the site of the wound. We use the word “can” because not all bites involve venom. Often a brown recluse spider will bite with the intention of scaring off a threat and not with the intent of direct harm. These are called dry bites. Do not, however, expect this to be the case. Always treat brown recluses as if they intend to hurt you, and keep your distance to be safe.

Five No-Sweat Tips To Prevent Spiders In Your Home

If you are looking for a way to keep all types of spiders out of your Franklin home, one thing we recommend is implementing some simple prevention strategies. To start here is how to prevent spiders with five no-sweat tips. 

  1. Seal gaps, holes, and cracks in the exterior of your home.
  2. Make sure to install windows and doors correctly and repair any damage they may have.
  3. Invest in door sweeps for unprotected exterior doors.
  4. Make sure your home’s weatherstripping is in good working condition.
  5. Keep exterior lights turned off at night.

Invest in treatments courtesy of All-American Pest Control for even more active protection.

The Most Effective Spider Control Solution For Your Home

Not all spiders that invade homes in Franklin are dangerous. Many species are just annoying. Whether you are looking for general protection or a way to remove potentially harmful arachnids from your living areas, we have options for you here. Our team is dedicated to your protection and would be more than happy to service your home for the brown recluse or any other local spiders. 

Contact All-American Pest Control today to discover more about your options and find out just how easy spiders are to control here in Franklin when you have help. Ask about our free home evaluation.

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