Our own, Brian Sheppard, Named 2022’s National Pest Control Technician of the Year

We are proud of our very own, Brian Sheppard, for being honored as the nation’s top residential pest control technician by our industry’s leading trade publication, PCT Magazine. Many of you have met Brian over the past 6 years. Brian lives and breathes All-American’s core values. He does the little and big things to ensure we are providing the best customer experience, and he’s committed to learning and growing. We couldn’t be prouder to have Brian on the All-American team, and we are grateful that he’s being recognized on the national stage for his contributions to the pest control industry. Brian and his wife, Lori, and his 10-year-old son, Shelby, will be traveling to Washington D.C in March to accept this prestigious award in person.

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Brian Sheppard of All-American Named 2022’s National Pest Control Technician

All-American Pest Control’s Brian Sheppard has been honored as the nation’s top residential pest control technician for 2022 by the industry’s leading trade publication, PCT Magazine.

Sheppard, a technician specializing in supporting residential customers, has been working at All-American for more than six years. Erin Richardson, the company’s owner and president, nominated him because he exemplifies everything All-American is about when it comes to communication, pest knowledge, and remarkable customer service.

Brian does both the little and big things that make his customers feel protected and safe. Erin said, “The foundation of being a good technician is putting people first, learning all you can about safe and effective pest control, and going above and beyond to provide remarkable customer service. In addition to these customer service skills. Brian is committed to his personal and professional learning, and he will go out of his way to help a teammate.”

“A technician might have done 100 mouse-related jobs, for example, but for this homeowner it’s their first. Brian communicates his technical knowledge and confidence in a positive way to customers, while making sure he does things safely and effectively. In addition, pests are pests so some situations can grow so you have to have that we call stick-to-it-ness to continue with the problem until it’s solved and he has that.”

PCT, short for Pest Control Technology, is the industry’s top trade magazine reaching more than 210,000 professionals and decision makers in pest management. PCT’s news group has been a respected voice of pest control for more than 50 years.

The 2022 awards are the 27th year that PCT has spotlighted top professionals in the industry. Each year, individuals can be nominated starting in April with winners announced in December. Erin and Brian, along with Brian’s wife, Lori, and his son, Shelby, will travel to the National Pest Management Associations Legislative Day in March to receive his award in-person.

While All-American is Sheppard’s first position in pest control, he embraced it from the start, developing relationships with his customers to the point where they treat him like a friend.

“With residential pest control, you’re getting to know homeowners, you’re getting to know their entire family. In my six years I’ve watched as my customers’ kids have grown. You build a relationship much different than the commercial pest control side. It’s much more personal. Homeowners are spending their money and they want things done right so you build up trust with them. I get many ‘what is this bug’ type of calls. I love my career as a residential technician. I love my customers.”

That makes this award so much more rewarding to Sheppard because it’s for something he truly loves doing. 

“This is a huge honor; I really appreciate it. I love working with residential customers because it’s about doing what you say you’re going to do and being honest with them. I have such good relationships with my customers that a lot of times I say, ‘I’m on my way’ and they say, ‘door’s unlocked Brian I’m not home.’”

Sheppard was featured in an article by PCT Magazine when it announced his selection in December. To read the full PCT article, visit the publication’s website.

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