A Mouse In The House!

Since the start of fall, our pest control team has seen a significant uptick in calls about a mouse in the house! Actually, most calls and reports mention several mice and really that is expected. Although most of us welcome the arrival of autumn in Colorado, it does create a problem… a mouse problem that is. Homeowners in Denver and across the state often find themselves dealing with an increase in mouse activity during November. In today’s blog we’ll explain why the surge in mouse infestations is occurring and what to do if you spot a mouse in the house.

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Why Colorado homes see mouse activity this time of year

Mice are seeking shelter from the cold
As temperatures drop in November, mice seek warmth and shelter. With average lows in the 20’s, it’s no wonder these rodents are heading indoors to explore homes, garages, and sheds in search of a cozy refuge from the cold.

Food is harder to come by
The changing weather also affects the availability of food sources for mice. As vegetation withers and natural food becomes scarce, these resourceful rodents will go where the food is.

How changing weather in November affects mice

Although mice do not hibernate over the winter, they will change up their routine in order to survive. In other words, they’ll head indoors where they can find easy access to food and water.

Mice breed year-round, but their reproductive activity often peaks in the fall. This, coupled with the drive to secure a warm nesting place, contributes to the surge in mouse populations within homes.

It’s never just one mouse

One mouse sighting may seem like a minor inconvenience, but the reality is that where there’s one mouse, there are likely more. Mice are social creatures and tend to live in colonies. A lone mouse in your home may be a sign of a larger infestation, making prompt action crucial to prevent a full-blown rodent problem.

What to do if you find mice or signs of them in your home

It’s never really a convenient time to uncover a mouse problem in your home but with Thanksgiving just a few days away, it’s not only a serious issue but one that could make your holiday preparation a bit tough.

For help getting rid of mice this month or any other time of the year, contact EnviroPest! Our Colorado pest control company offers effective rodent control solutions in Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs as well as across Northern Colorado.

Colorado’s Choice SmartDefense eliminates rodents

Our Colorado’s Choice SmartDefense, a year-round home pest control plan, actively protects homes from infestations of mice and rats. What’s more, it keeps house-infesting insects out as well. With 24/7 rodent monitoring, effective rodent control strategies, and pest treatments that exterminate existing pest problems and prevent new ones from developing, it is the ideal way to keep rodents and insects out and your home and family protected.

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How to mouse-proof your home

  • Seal up those holes
    On the outside of your house, locate and seal up potential entry points. Remember, mice can squeeze through surprisingly small openings, so don’t ignore any crack, gap, or hole.
  • Keep a tidy home
    Eliminate potential food sources by keeping food stored in airtight containers and promptly cleaning up crumbs or spills. Regularly dispose of garbage in sealed bins to discourage mice from foraging for leftovers.
  • Declutter the garage, attic, and other storage areas
    Clutter attracts mice because it creates plenty of hiding spots. By clearing out the clutter, tossing unused items, and using storage bins that are made of durable material and that have a tight-fitting lid will help deter mice from nesting.

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