'Tis The Season For Bed Bugs

Can you believe Christmas is almost here? It seems like it was just Thanksgiving and now here we are eagerly anticipating the joy of festive gatherings, family reunions, and welcoming guests from out of town. Not to bring a Grinchy attitude to the fun, but we must make mention that during the merriment, there’s one thing to take note of, and that’s bed bugs. Although bed bugs are a year-round problem, we receive a lot of calls this time of year for these biting pests and that’s because the holiday season provides them with ample opportunities to spread. In today’s blog, we’ll explore the ways bed bugs sneak into homes during the holidays and offer tips to stop these bugs from putting a damper on your yuletide celebrations!

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Holiday travel and bed bugs

One of the most common ways bed bugs are introduced into homes during the holiday season is through travel. Whether you’re heading out of town and plan on staying at a hotel, Airbnb, or crashing with family or friends at their house, the risk of encountering bed bugs increases.

To prevent bed bugs from hiding away on your luggage, clothing, or personal belongings as you travel, we recommend the following tips:

  • Use hard-cased luggage
    Rather than pack your belongings in fabric suitcases, make it more difficult for bed bugs with hard-cased luggage.
  • Pack your clothing in re-sealable bags
    Pack your clothes in re-sealable plastic bags before packing them in your suitcase or carry-one. Also pack extra bags for items you pick up while traveling.
  • Keep an eye out for bed bugs on the plane or other public transportation
    Before you settle in on the plane, train, or cab, inspect the seat for bed bugs, especially along the seams.
  • Inspect your accommodations
    Before settling into your home away from, be sure to inspect for bed bugs. Areas to check include but are not limited to beds (this includes mattresses, box springs, headboards, frames, etc.), nightstands, desks, upholstered furniture, and even the curtains.
  • Keep your belongings in your suitcase
    Although you might be tempted to use the drawers provided, keep your clothes in your suitcase for the duration of your stay. Also don’t leave dirty laundry on the floor.
  • Don’t relax your guard on the way home
    Be sure to follow the packing and traveling tips mentioned above for the return trip and upon arriving at home, inspect your suitcase in the garage or outside. Be sure to wash and dry clothing on the highest heat possible.

Welcoming guests but not bed bugs

Hosting friends and family during the holidays is a time-honored tradition, but it also presents an opportunity for bed bugs to move in with your loved ones. Guests may unknowingly bring bed bugs with them, especially if they have recently traveled or stayed in an infested location. Here are a few ways to prevent bed bugs from infesting your home when friends and family arrive:

  • Ask them to check their belongings for bed bug activity
  • Provide them a luggage rack to keep their suitcase off the floor and away from the bed
  • After your guests leave, clean and inspect their rooms right away

Other ways to get bed bugs over the holidays

Apart from travel and welcoming guests, there are other ways bed bugs can find their way into our homes during the holiday season. Be cautious when purchasing second-hand furniture, clothing, and other items as bed bugs could be hiding out. You should also be vigilant in communal spaces such as movie theaters, shopping malls, and public transportation where bed bugs can transfer from person to person.

Can you get bed bugs from Christmas trees?

Since bed bugs feed on blood and tend to live near their hosts, the chances of finding bed bugs on your Christmas tree is incredibly low. Live trees at a Christmas tree farm or even the boy scout lots are not exactly the ideal environment for these biting pests.

Will bed bugs get in Christmas presents?

It’s entirely possible! As we noted above, bed bugs will crawl on or into luggage but they also hide out in other bags, on clothing, and other personal belongings. If wrapped presents are present in an infested space, there’s a chance bed bugs could find and infest them.

What to do if you find bed bugs in your home this holiday season

Should you wake up with bed bug bites or notice other signs of bed bugs, contact EnviroPest right away. Our locally operated pest control company offers effective bed bug control in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Northern Colorado and are ready to help you get rid of these biting pests – completely!


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